Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Future "Dancing with the Stars" contestant?

Ready for Tannor's concert

Savannah loves music, especially Third Day. I think that's why God picked her to be our daughter. Our whole family have always loved music! Brian and I were in our High school choir and show choir, and Jordan, Tannor and Haleigh are all in choir at their schools, so she fits in well. You can't tell by the video that she has double ear infection, she doesn't let it slow her down a bit. She is also getting two of her first year molars. It is hard to believe it has been five months since she came into our family, it has went by so fast. I treasure each second I have with her, each day she is learning something new. I also love it when I rock her each night before bed, it's just Ma Ma and Daughter time and she snuggles up close and just stares at me with those beautiful deep dark eyes until she finally closes them, it just melts my heart. I want that special little bonding time between her and I to last forever. Today when Brian arrived home from work and came in the door she screamed "Hey Da, then ran to him and wrapped her little arms around his leg. We attended Tannor's all county choir concert this past Thursday and little miss Savannah got really vocal during the quiet times of the concert, everyone was watching her instead of the students! She is Amazing, a true gift from God, and we love her so much.

Friday, February 6, 2009

A Few More Pics


Say What?
Here are a few more pictures, will write more later.

Our Baby Girl

Sshhh, Tannor doesn't know I have his Ipod
I just love the snow

Our first post

This will be our first post on our first blog. Here are some pictures of Savannah.