Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lots of changes!

It's been a while since our last post, so I thought I'd post some new pics. It's been an amazing last few weeks, it seems like Savannah has just blossomed into this little independent person who's speech has just amazed us! She is saying things more clearly now and is getting good at demanding what she wants. She has started to want to feed herself more, she can put her jeans on all by herself, they may be on backwards but she can get them on. She can put her shoes on by herself, they may be on the wrong feet but she can do it! She likes to bathe herself now, not happy when Momma wants to clean her. She buckles herself into the stroller, shopping carts and high chair. She likes to fold clothes with Momma, and does a pretty good job with the washcloths. She has just started to sit still and want us to read her books to her, her favorite book is wacky sheep, given to her by a cousin and she points to everything on the pages that you ask of her. She can make the sounds that animals make like sheep, chicken, doggy , kitty, piggy, horsey and of course we have a field of cows across from our house so she can definitely make the cow sound. She is getting really good at saying grace with us when we eat, and saying Amen really loud at the end. When it's time for her brothers and big sis to go to bed she goes in their rooms and gives each one a kiss and a hug and tells them night-night and then leaves the room waving goodbye, it's so cute. It just seems like within the last few weeks she has grown so much and becoming our little big girl!

Enjoying time outside

This is as good as place as any for a nap!

Hanging with cousin Maverick

Moments after Jordan handed down his rocking chair to Savannah, it was given to him when he was two years old

Of course Savannah had to share this moment with best friend in the world "Panda"

"The Girls Club" Alyssa(niece), Savannah, Mikayla(niece), and Haleigh

Our beautiful Little Big Girl!


T n' W said...

Girl, as you know....same thing going on here. It's amazing. I love that napping picture, looks like she just kinda ran outta gas.:)