Thursday, August 26, 2010

Playing Catch Up...

Trying to play catch up since the last time we posted. We have had 2 birthdays, fun in the swimming pool, and our county fair. Jordan turned 18 on his birthday which was actually way back in June. We got him a small cake for home as we celebrated his birthday during the youth camping trip. Tannor turned 16 in August. Savannah has been learning how to swim in ours and her papaw's pool. Savannah rode her first...and last ride at our county fair. It was the merry-go-round and even though mama was right beside her she screamed and cried until I finally took her picture. We met David, Lois, and Leila, our friends from Pt. Pleasant. Leila rode almost all of the rides but we couldn't convince Savannah to ride with her. Here are a few pics from the last few months."Big 18"
Smile, it's your birthday"Sweet 16"No problem smiling hereA little jam session at the party
Look at me, I can swim all by myselfI like to swimMaybe this isn't so bad after allSavannah and Leila at the fairHamming it up for the camera