Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Youth Camping Trip

We recently went on a camping trip with our youth group. The youth leaders have a place on the Greenbriar River. It is located close to the Great Bend Tunnel which John Henry built. The river was too muddy for fishing or swimming due to all of the recent rains we had the previous days, but it was a lot of fun just being outside.
Before we even made it to camp, we had to stop at the ER and pick up our son Tannor. We got a late start due to Brian's work schedule and got a phone call on the way saying that Tannor had been chopping wood for the fire and, yep you guessed it, he hit his foot with the ax and had to get 15 stitches. He is ok but had to sit out all of the fun due to his foot. I think he learned his lesson.
The main event was corn hole from daylight til dark. I'm not sure the grass will ever grow back. Savannah had a lot of time getting to know our youth leaders and the youth, she had a blast. She had her own pool to play in and loved being able to run everywhere. We went for a walk by the river and saw something neat. Someone had built something that resembled a pagoda, It reminded us how muchwe miss China.
Our youth leaders, Scott and Shari brought some beef from a recently butchered cow, the youth cut it up and added spices then hung it over the fire for about 16hours. The boys took shifts tending the fire and when it was done, it was the best jerky I've ever tasted.
During our last nighe there, we had a walk through the old train tunnel, it is a little over 1 mile through the mountain and this particular night the mist was comming out of it made it look spooky. The girls were scared and the boys loved scaring them every moment of the walk.

Savannah having fun in her own pool

The boys playing a little corn hole while Tannor watches from the sideline

The boys doing their part with the jerky meat

The girls doing their part too.

Sitting around the campfire waiting on the jerky
The pagoda along the river reminded us of China.

The Great BendTunnel


Ruth and Brian said...

Oh my goodness, just thinking about an ax hitting flesh makes my skin tingle. That's awful. But by the looks of it lounging in the chair he isn't too worse for wear!

Looks like you guys had a great time camping. And aren't youth a blast!!! I worked with our senior high group the year before we went to get Abigail as well as hubby pastored youth for 12.5 years too.

Savannah sure looks like she fit right in with her little pool. Abigail loves her, though I've read some accounts of other IA's that hate theirs. Oh well.