Thursday, August 6, 2009

Another Birthday Bash!

My sweet Tan-Man is growing up! Tannor turned the big #15 yesterday!! Tannor was born August 5th 1994 and weighed a whole whopping 6 lbs, 14 ounces. He was small and had very long little feet and big hands. I went into preterm labor two months before my due date and was in the hospital several times, and put on meds to stop it and then finally had to deliver due to developing toxemia. It was so scary but when I held him in my arms, all of that was forgotten. Tannor has always been a Ma Ma's boy from day one, he is so sweet and loving. He always has a smile and a big hug waiting for you. It's is so hard to believe he will be getting his permit now and I'll have two of them on the roads! He has had so many obstacles thrown at him through the years but by perseverance and his faith in his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ he has overcame everything. He has always been in the gifted program at school and has always been advanced one grade level. (I know It sounds like I'm bragging but I'm his proud Mom).

Tannor, Mom and Dad love you sooo much!!!

Our Tan-Man's very first Christmas

Always had a smile waiting for you

Picking the guitar and singing with Ma Ma Tweet

Tannor's fifth birthday with the king and queen from Medieval Times

Tannor at ten years old (only five years ago, WOW he has grown so much!)

My poor baby after splitting his toe in half at youth camp this year :(

Wonderful pics we took at Tennessee this year ( very handsome)

To my sweet young Man "Happy Birthday" Tannor!!!


T n' W said...

Oh, brag honey. That's what moma's do!:) The pictures....say a mouth full! Kids grow up way too fast.

Ruth and Brian said...

Happy Birthday Tannor! Hope you had a great day!

Ruth and Brian said...

Happy Happy 1 year on receiving your referral for Savannah!!!

We are celebrating with all of you along in our hearts.

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