Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back to School!!

Today was the first day of school for the Decker bunch. It was a good thing and a bad thing. It was sooo peaceful around the house today, well except right up until my little energizer bunny with the beautiful almond eyes awoke! I was so glad not to hear the I'm bored there's nothing to do bit, but yet they did help with Savannah a lot and kept her entertained. It was so hard for me this year to see my baby girl Haleigh start her first year of Jr. High School. In our area we have a grade School k-6th and a Jr./Sr. High School 7-12th, so no middle school. Haleigh is growing up so fast as is the boys too. She's a 7th grader, Jordan is a senior, and my Tan-Man is a sophomore. She was so excited this morning to be at the same school with her brothers. It saddens me to think they are going to be leaving the nest sooner than I think, but I find great comfort in knowing that the Lord will watch over them and keep them on the right path he has chose for them. I thought Savannah would look for them and ask for them today but she was way to busy getting into things as usual. And to think we don't have to worry about grade school again for another 5 years!!! lol

Savannah waiting to see them off to school

Triple Decker Threat!

My beautiful young Lady


Ruth and Brian said...

Is it safe to assume that your beautiful young lady has promoted to 'contacts'??? She looks to beautiful and grown up. Not the same young lady we traveled with a year ago.

T n' W said...

I agree with Ruth....what a difference a year makes at that age. My niece is going to 7th this year too....They grow up way too fast.

Brian and Melinda said...

No contacts yet, she complains about having glasses on in pics. she is begging us for contacts though. I think we may have to give in! Of course we usually do anyways. lol

Alyson & Ford said...

Yes, Haleigh is all grown up! Contacts are great especially with the daily wear ones, no keeping them for a week or two and growing germs!

Savannah has the sweetest face...she is changing so fast too, adorable child!

Alyzabeth's Mommy for Eleven Months!