Monday, August 17, 2009

Great week!

We had a very busy but great time attending our county fair this past week and Jordan's scrimmage game on Saturday. I can't believe football season is here already! Savannah had a good time at the fair. We put her on the carousel but she wanted nothing to do with it, or any of the rides for that matter. She did like the music entertainment though and danced to it. We have always entered our kids in the pretty baby contest, it started when we had Jordan and kind of became a tradition with all three kids, so this year keeping with tradition we entered Savannah. Savannah's good friend Leila was also in the contest. Neither of them placed but that's ok, we already know we had beautiful little girls. Leila lives about 15 to 20 minutes away from us. One day when we were getting ready to travel to China for Savannah, we had to go to our board of education office to get a form for Haleigh to miss 2 weeks of school to go to China. While we were there we found out that another local family had came there to request a form for their two children to miss school for a trip to China to adopt also. We had no idea! It was amazing to find out that through our three years of waiting for Savannah, another family in the next town over was waiting to be matched with their little one. We kept in touch through e-mails the next few weeks while getting ready for our travel and met them at the airport on Sept. 11th, the day we left for China. They were with a different agency and we went our separate ways after that but seen them again while both our agency and theirs were on a tour of Tienanmen Square. If you know anything about Tienanmen Square it is a huge place filled with thousands of tourists, and amazingly we found each other while touring. they then went on from Beijing to Guangzhou to meet their beautiful daughter, who was from the Guangdong district. We still keep in touch with them through e-mails and met up with them a couple of nights of the fair. and plan on getting the girls together as often as we can. When they are together it is so cute.

Savannah and Leila trying to buckle and unbuckle the stroller belts

Friends for life!

Savannah sporting her ladybug swimsuit at the contest


T n' W said...

How cute are they...tell Leila and her parents we said HI! How cool to see their daughter again.

Ruth and Brian said...

Oh my goodness, that ladybug bikini is so stickin' cute. She definitely should have won the contest for that bikini alone!!! Whereever did you get it?!?

Brian and Melinda said...

Thanks! I fell in love with the bikini as soon as I saw it. I bought it on line at She has some cute stuff and you can get it personalized. You'll have to check it out. Hope you had a great vacation!